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Sharon Hudson – a Maleny Naturopath, Nutritionist & Herbalist established the Fire & Water Healing Centre, Maleny.

The Healing Centre has been a dream of Sharon’s for many years. She has been an advocate of natural medicine her whole life. Indeed, her mother before her taught her many traditional uses and was a student of Dennis Stewart’s in Western Herbal Medicine back in the 80’s.

After bringing up five children and using traditional medicine daily to treat family and friends, Sharon felt the need to combine her traditional knowledge with the latest discoveries and research, so she attended University.

Through an intensive 4 years Sharon completed her Degree and has a Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy, Bachelor Health Science Nutrition, Bachelor Health Science Western Herbal Medicine. She also studied Homeopathy, Bush Flower Essences, Iridology and other modalities.

Maleny Clinic


Fire & Water Healing Centre is open by appointment and is located at Cabin 5, 38 Maple Street, Maleny.

Sharon and her Family live nearby in Maleny. They fell in love with the location of The Clinic and the feeling of space and calming energies which are at the heart of her Healing Centre. The open sliding glass doors and timber deck contribute to this and the position of the clinic in the hub of Maleny town fulfils her dream of a meeting and healing place for wellness both physically and mentally. Sharon has comfortable seating on the deck for the community to visit and enjoy a cup of Herbal tea, which will be available for a taste test free of charge with different selections every day.

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  • Aboriginal Medicine

As a qualified Naturopath, Sharon offers help in a wide range of areas including gut health, diet, weight loss, pregnancy, mental health, stress, auto-immune conditions, energy blocks, pain management and the list goes on.

Sharon also has an indigenous Australian aboriginal background and therefore a special focus on traditional Aboriginal Medicines including Gumby Gumby (Gumbi Gumbi), a traditional herbal medicine gaining much recognition for its beneficial effects on a wide range of illnesses and conditions.

Please feel free to inquire by contacting Sharon to discuss your health needs and visit the Clinic in Maleny.

Effective Treatments Available for

treat fatigue


Excessive tiredness and fatigue are all too common these days and there are many causes. We investigate the possible causes through Consultation, Naturopathic & Medical Tests. Our approach is to work to correct imbalances or deficiencies.

treat digestive disorders


Many people now suffer from various types of Digestive disorder and getting worse. These may be bloating, indigestion, food allergies, constipation, colitis, liver problems. We work with Herbs and your diet to correct the causes.

treat arthritis


Arthritis is a common name given to inflammation of joints. It can be caused by a variety of reasons such as trauma, bone degeneration, inadequate nutrition or autoimmune problems. We use herbal and nutritional therapies.

treat backpain


Common conditions that can occur from repetitive overuse, poor posture, incorrect lifting, nutrient deficiency, inflammation or from a fall or accident. Herbal Medicine and relaxation will assist, plus we correct help you with right nutrients.

treat migraine


These are common causes of headache. Very often it is found that allergy or infections cause sinusitis, migraines and headaches. We work with your diet, food habits, stress levels and seek to correct metabolic imbalances causing the problems.

treat allergy


Abnormal reaction to a foreign substance by the body is termed an Allergy, producing various symptoms like itching, oedema, wheezing, sneezing, cough and also skin reactions and pain. Our Natural Therapy approach gets results.

Fertility, pre and post-natal support.

Sharon will share her wealth of knowledge on conception, birth and looking after baby and mum post pregnancy.

Sharon has had five children under many different circumstances. Hear her remarkable story and advice for the best choices to align with mother and babies, body and soul for the most wonderful outcome.

Special Weight Management System

Naturally controlled weight loss program using hCG Bio-energetic drops that suppress hunger while resetting your Hypothalamus for a sustained life change as well as detoxifying your body and reducing inflammation. Loose up to 8kg in 21 days or more is desired. Be healthy and full of energy and vitality as a result.


How We do it

Our wholistic approach is to try to understand the causes of the disease or health challenges you are facing. We understand this may be physical, social, emotional, environmental, mental or spiritual.

Our Naturopathic Therapies & remedies include Herbal Medicines, Nutritional support, Dietary advice, Homeopathy and the Australian Bush Flower Essences.

Sharon prescribes a diverse range of Herbal Medicines (including Gumby Gumby liquid extract) tailored specifically to the needs of each individual.

What we Do

We welcome you warmly and spend time to discover your challenges. Some people need more in-depth Consultation than others, but we investigate any current and past Medical conditions or physical complaints. We guide you to the best of our abilities to find solutions to any health issues and work to inform you of how to become more healthy and well.

What are the benefits

Because our motivation is to understand your health needs and to create a protocol of therapeutic approaches, that may involve remedies such as Herbs, Flower Essences, Nutrition or Counseling as required.

We are confident you will go away feeling relief and able to take the steps you need to increase your level of health and wellness.

Fire & Water Herbal Dispensary & Apothecary

herbs and spices apothecary

Our comprehensive Apothecary has been established after the ancient practice of offering natural remedies and advice as a service, much the same as a chemist but with the added benefit of a fully qualified Naturopath / herbalist,

and the use of organically produced herbs and professionally supplied mineral supplements, as well as homeopathic remedies, native bush flower remedies and a host of other powerful healing medicines Borah Bush Medicines including Gumby Gumby wild liquid concentrate. Have a medicine especially prepared for you on the spot with expert advice.

We have a fully equipped Herbal & Homeopathic Dispensary. We source the best quality and most active ingredients, but if we don’t have it – we can get it for you! Our Medicinal Herbs are effective remedies we prescribe for your personalised needs. Sharon Hudson is a qualified herbalist, using herbal medicines approved by Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA Australia).

Our expertise is a knowledge of the best use of medicinal and nutritional herbs and spices. we are also producers of Borah Bush Medicines including Gumby Gumby wild liquid concentrate, high quality extract of the traditional aboriginal medicine.


Our Gumbi Gumbi is wildcrafted from the pittosporum angustifolium tree a native to Australia once prolific but now quite rare. Only one variety of this tree possesses all the healing qualities & what better than Sharon an Aboriginal healer identifying the correct species & hand picking the leaves whilst blessing and thanking the tree for its medicine.

Sharon then extracts the medicine by traditional methods combined with her knowledge of Herbal manufacturing, learnt while completing her 4yr degree in Health Science. Sharon is able to provide medicinal grade Gumbi Gumbi to her patients under her TGA approval.

Maleny Gumby Gumby

Phone Consultations

Sharon is available for Phone consultations and Skype calls for patients who might find it more convenient than visiting the Maleny Clinic.

If you are seeking our GUMBY GUMBY (GUMBI GUMBI) Wild Liquid Concentrate, Sharon provides a Phone Consultation (included in purchase price) to discuss your correct dosage before dispatching your Gumby Bush Medicine.

All remedies are Express Posted to reach our patients as soon as possible.


Maple St, Maleny

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